Ultra MS – MS Polymer

Comes in Black.

Ultra MS is a high quality MS polymer based formula used in motor vehicle repair. Designed to OEM standards making it perfect for replicating OEM finishes. The Ultra MS polymer is applicable for bonding and sealing, it is not ropy and does not shrink back. Due to MS polymer adhesives having no solvent/isocyanate it is great for the health & safety aware bodyshops.

The benefits of Ultra MS -MS Polymer

  • High quality MS Polymer adhesive and sealant. Ideal for bonding & sealing
  • Developed to OEM standards, perfect for replicating OEM finishes
  • High adhesive strength using specially designed MS polymer
  • Highly UV resistant MS polymer sealant
  • Health& Safety benefits due to MS polymer being VOC free, having no solvent or isocyanates
  • Easy to extrude and tool up
  • No odour, shrinkage or bubble formation on cure
  • Very fast over paint time
  • Excellent long term durability
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