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ProMix Eclipse

A high quality Automotive paint mixing system that contains over 65,000 solid and metallic colours in solvent based material. As a result of continual updating, the system keeps up-to-date and ahead of the competition in its colour availability. A range of branded ancillaries are available to fully compliment the system.

Capella Solutions Group

10 Reasons to use ProMix Eclipse

1: 100,000+ colour formulations
2: Colour support- we have over 35 dedicated staff in the colour    lab
3: All ProMix Eclipse colour chips are hand painted using ProMix Eclipse paint
4: The system uses the very latest spectrometer technology for excellent accuracy
5: Available in conjuction with the Dynamiq machine, which will transform your paint mixing operation
6: Industry experience- Capella has a deep history in the automotive industry, and has been supplying Eclipse for over 12 years
7: We are a family business, and understand that distributors need working partnerships and quick response times
8: We have a large distribution facility in Kent, allowing us to offer a great delivery service
9: A full range of ancillaries is also offered
10: A standard mixing machine option is also offered

Next Generation Paint Mixing

Dynamiq Mixing Machine

A fully automatic paint mixing machine, offering both mixing speed and excellent accuracy.

  • Repeatability- dispense down to 0.0077ml
  • A maximum dispense variance of 1% in a 15ml mix gives incredible accuracy
  • No calibration required after initial set-up
  • Ultrasonic humidifier, temperature sensor and heater allow reliability in all conditions
  • Operation only requires one person, allowing excellent labour saving

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