ProMix Eclipse

2k Solid Tinters

Eclipse 2K is a complete high quality acrylic polyurethane product range. Plain or metallic colors based on 34 base colors are available.

High pigmented medium solid system, economy on the quantity of paint ready for use, greater coverage, time saving in application because 2 coats are sufficient, ease of application, excellent gloss

  • 000T – Clear (1Lt)
  • 010T – Concentrated White (3.6Lt)
  • 020T – Mixing White (3.6Lt)
  • 110T – Luminous Blue (3.6Lt)
  • 120T – Mixing Blue (3.6Lt)
  • 130T – Deep Blue (3.6Lt)
  • 210T – Luminous Green (3.6Lt)
  • 220T – Mixing Green (1Lt)
  • 240T – Golden Green (3.6Lt)
  • 260T – Lemon Green (1Lt)
  • 290T – Bright Yellow (1Lt)
  • 330T – Medium Yellow (1Lt)
  • 340T – Transparent Yellow (1Lt)
  • 350T – Oxide Yellow (3.6Lt)
  • 370T – Orange (1Lt)
  • 380T – Light Yellow (1Lt)
  • 410T – Light Red (3.6Lt)
  • 430T – Luminous Red (3.6Lt)
  • 450T – Oxide Red (3.6Lt)
  • 470T – Purple (3.6Lt)
  • 480T – Mixing Purple (1Lt)
  • 550T – Ruby Red (3.6Lt)
  • 590T – Grenate (3.6Lt)
  • 810T – Carbon Black (3.6Lt)
  • 820T – Mixing Black (3.6Lt)
  • 830T – Standard Black (3.6Lt)
  • 9005 – Deep Black (1Lt)
  • C090 – Plasticizer Matt (1Lt)
  • C100 – Plasticizer Gloss (1Lt)

Capella Solutions Group

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