Ultra MS Sprayable

Comes in Grey.

Ultra MS Sprayable  is a sprayable MS Polymer designed for bodyseam sealing, noise reduction, and stonechip protection. Designed and developed for OEM standards this can replicate the finish on many sills, underbodys and wheel housings.

The benefits of Ultra MS Sprayable

  • High quality sprayable MS Polymer based formulation
  • Developed to OEM standards, Easily gives a true OEM finish
  • Sprayable , easily giving a true OEM finish
  • Fast skin over – fully cures to a tough, flexible coating that does not shrink
  • Health & Safety benefits – VOC free, no solvent/isocyanate in the formula
  • Higher UV resistance / non-yellowing properties
  • Excellent long term durability
Sprayable MS Polymer sealant with many other beneficial properties

Ultra MS Sprayable has been designed to cater for the needs of Bodyshops to perfectly replicate the OEM finish of the sprayed seam sealers used in the manufacturing process of many vehicles. Sprayable MS Polymer is perfect for areas including sills, boots, rear panel areas and around front suspension mounts.

*Does not include applicator gun

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