What is the ProXL Vari-Nozzle

The unique Vari-Nozzle allows the user to adjust the size of the spray pattern and product flow rate by moving the red lever from left to right, to the left being the smallest output, to the right being the largest. This gives the user the closest experience and control like a professional spray gun with the ability to vary spray …

2k Aerosol How to Activate

Remove the protection cap from the bottom of the can and use the ring provided to pull the pin out fully, this will release the knife which will penetrate the wall of the aluminium cartridge. Then twist the pin through 360 ° so that the cartridge is completely cut open and releases the hardener. Shake the can vigorously for 3-5 …

ProWheel Aerosols – How to guide

Match and repair your alloy wheels using the unique aerosol ProWheel Alloy wheel repair system. Prime the wheel first with ProAlloy then choose either grey or black undercoat to give the correct base for the basecoat. Finish with the 2k Clear for an excellent gloss and ultimate durability.

ProWheel Kit #1

PROWHEEL ALLOY WHEEL BASECOAT system is a specially formulated OEM basecoat for the refurbishment of alloy wheels covering the 20 most popular wheel colours. Fast colour identification using the colour cards for the perfect match. Using specialised metallic pigments to give metallic and chrome effects ProWheel basecoat is very fast drying for rapid wheel repairs.

2k Aerosol Explainer

How its made: Component B is filled into sealed alumnium sleeve e.g Hardener/Activator Sealed with patented knife lock Two Options: Option 1: Supplied with Component A e.g Paint/Based filled into can at specified mixing ration Option 2: Supplied pre-gassed only Specified solvents filled to system ratio Propellants added to pressurize aerosol can Contact us today to explore further


How to: ProWheel Major Damage

Stage 1: Sand back the area of damage with 120/180 pads Stage 2: Mix filler and fill over damaged area and allow to set Stage 3: Rub down filler to correct shape of the wheel using 120/180 pads Stage 4: Finish the repair with a finer 240/320 pad Stage 5: Red scotch around the repair and primer using UltraBuild Stage …