2k Aerosol Explainer

How its made: Component B is filled into sealed alumnium sleeve e.g Hardener/Activator Sealed with patented knife lock Two Options: Option 1: Supplied with Component A e.g Paint/Based filled into can at specified mixing ration Option 2: Supplied pre-gassed only Specified solvents filled to system ratio Propellants added to pressurize aerosol can Contact us today to explore further


How to: ProWheel Major Damage

Stage 1: Sand back the area of damage with 120/180 pads Stage 2: Mix filler and fill over damaged area and allow to set Stage 3: Rub down filler to correct shape of the wheel using 120/180 pads Stage 4: Finish the repair with a finer 240/320 pad Stage 5: Red scotch around the repair and primer using UltraBuild Stage …