Capella Solutions Group focuses on empowering the refinishing sector to be more profitable and efficient, from distributor to end-user, through innovation, education and quality service.

By cultivating close relationships with our customers, we continue to be able to be flexible to the industry’s needs. Our products are designed to solve customers’ issues in the industry. From our unique Vari-Nozzle, that has an adjustable spray fan, giving you the flexibility of a spray gun, to Indura AutoMix which is the most accurate paint mixing machine currently offered to the market. From our first day we realised the industry was full of products that companies thought the industry needed rather than solving the industries problems through the use of products!

Starting as a local distributor in 1990 Capella Solutions Group quickly realised that there was a major need for quality, innovative products that solved the issues of our customers. By the end of 1992 Capella Solutions Group had started mixing our own products with 2 vans supplying customers across the south of England.

Six years later, Capella Solutions Group had started supplying our own ranges of innovative solutions across the UK. ProXL, our range of premium aerosols was quickly seen as much needed in the industry. Quality products that had quality results. After years of product testing in 2008 we finally felt comfortable enough to launch this range of premium products that were a complete refinishing solution, focusing on increasing throughput, reliability and efficiency! Our solutions quickly became so popular that within 2 years we stopped supplying directly to end users, only selling through distribution channels in the UK, Ireland and within a few years worldwide.

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Our Values

  • Innovative Problem Solving

    We focus on delivering solutions to your problems, through innovation, quality service or education.

  • Excellence

    We never want to be just good enough, we aim to excel in everything we do, from administration to delivery. We promote excellence from within.

  • Exceptional

    From product concept to end user, and everything in between we believe that we should be exceptional. We work closely with distribution networks globally to ensure this.

  • Integrity

    We never promise what we can’t achieve, but we always strive to achieve beyond what we have promised.

  • Flexible

    With the customer being our priority we aim to exceed your needs whatever they are.